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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sorry for the Delays and postponements!

I wanted to  publish a ver sincere apology to all of you who have been waiting on me to publish a few  tutorials that I'd had int he pipes.  I had a spell with my health that had me down down a week and when I started feeling better I took a fall at the bottom of our steps and cracked my head open., The next day my laptop was dropped and I've once again lost all of my data and am rebuilding a new laptop with a backup built on Backblaze.
If You hadn't read my previous post on Backblaze,  you should read it now.
If you use your computer for every part of your life as I do, then everything of importance is stored on that drive.

If you were to have a hard drive failure or lose your laptop, where would you be? Well I know where I would be.... LOST and CRYING.; Luckily I subscribe to a service by Backblacke who runs a realtime back-up of my workstation every minute of every day. I have had to use the restore options two times in two months to rebuild my machines and yeah, it's a pain to put all the apps back on my machine and to put all thedata back where it belongs but I'm not complianing because I have all the info and I have teh ability to restore. I am not lost and crying because all of my info is gone.On the sizebar of my blog you'll find a link to Backblaze, I hope you'll use it.

This about how valuable your data is, wehther it's pictures or data, class planning, etc.... things cannot be easily replaced if ever but with Backblaze you have it all at your fingertips. It is SOOOOO worth it.

I'll be back on track soon with my data all where it belongs and chugging along as if nothing happened. If I owe you some data, bear with me. I'm trying to get caught

Inky Hugs

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