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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Tribute to My Japanese Family - Wishing Them All Well!

Growing up Japanese-American, my mom always put emphasis on me being American first.. She felt that since I was lucky enough to be born and live in the USA I should always honor the American side of me first. She taught me to always be proud of my Japanese heritage but to remember that I was American/Japanese.

I have always loved that I have the Japanese culture in my hertiage. I am proud of the people, the way they compose themselves and they way they live life and treat people. Japanese people are people of great honor and dignity and they take care of their own, always. They honor the elderly and hold them in high regard while also raising the young to  be respectful. The culture is just different... they take care of each other in ways that aren't embraced by many cultures.  It's just always been something I've been proud of and today, as I watch the news and see how they have reacted to the horrible earthquake and following tsunami, I am even more proud. The Japanese people are so proud and have such high regard for respectfulness that there isn't looting and rioting etc... instead, it's neighbor helping neighbor... they are really a credit to mankind and reflect the type of heart that God instills in each of us.

My card is simple. Cherry blossoms should be plentiful in Japan right now but many are probably unaware of their blossoms. They are too busy surviving. I hope one cherry blossom can give one person hope that tomorrow a new day, will also bring better times. The sentiment "arigato" is meant for everyone in the world who is helping these great people get back to their normal lives. The yellow ribbon is tied so each of those missing can find their way "home." 

My mothers family is in Yamagata. I pray they are all ok. I have never met them and they do not know of me but that doesn't mean they aren't in my hearts and my prayers.

Arigato to each of you for caring about the Japanese people. Please tie a yellow ribbon around your cherry blossom so that they can all find their way home too. So many are still missing and they need to find their way  "home."
Domo Arigato!


  1. How beautiful, and what a thoughtful tribute! Many of us are praying for Japan and it's people and will continue to do so. May your tribute bring you and your family comfort and hope throughout this challenging time.

  2. A very beautiful card, and even more beautiful sentiments. My husband and I were commenting on the character of the Japanese people and noticing the lack of looting etc. It gave me the same faith in humanity that the behavior of the New Yorkers post 9/11 gave me. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Such a beautiful card and tribute! I too am praying for everyone in Japan!

  4. Your card is stunningly beautiful! TFS!

  5. I, too, am American/Japanese and I love your tribute that you've made to your Japanese heritage. It is so heartbreaking to think of the plight of the Japanese people. My mother's family is in Tokyo and Yokohama and I pray for their safety as they continue to experience earthquakes and the threat of radiation from the nuclear power plants. Your card is very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    Debbie Naylor

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