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Monday, August 2, 2010

W00t! Looking Forward to Taking Classes Again!

Years and Years ago I took Tole Painting Classes along with Ceramic Classes and I loved Tole Painting. Through the years I've always thought about the painting and wanted to get back to it but didnt have a clue how to find a teacher or class. I finally started looking harder and found The Heart of Ohio Tole Chapter (Hoot). As I read the website I was pleasantly surprised to find that my old teacher was now the president of Hoot. She was a wonderful teacher and an awesome painter so I'm not surprised that would hold this office.
I sent an email to the organization and a week later I had a teacher. I'm going to start classes in September. It'll be nice to go to class one day a week for 5 hours, paint and gab and meet some new folks.  I think that's the best part, is that I'll get to talk to people again. That's the thing I miss most about not working is that I'm so isolated and rarely have contact with people outside the house. Through the school year, it's me and the two dogs all day. This will be a nice break.
Luckily I stumbled upon the Hoot site just in time that my daughter and I can go to the convention here in Columbus next week and shop in the vendor mall...I love vendor malls... great place to get great new stuff!
Heres a linky to the convention:
The organization is doing a fundraiser for  Breast Cancer Awareness and they've come up with these incredible painted bras. If nothing else you have to check out the way these artists have painted bras in support of this great cause!