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Friday, March 18, 2011

Layered Windmill

Ok... this will be my last windmill... for awhile. I really enjoyed this one because I started playing with layers and every time I would lay out a different print it just changed the look of the layer. Its been so great playing with all these layers and making all these different cards.

I am also enjoying the new lenses that my husband Eric purchased for our camera. Well, his camera. We bought him a Nikon D40 about 2 years ago. Up till now we haven't done too much with it other than the occasional family photo and taking pics of gatherings etc.... when I started trying to take pictures of cards I found my needs were more intense and that I needed the ability to get super-up-close and personal. I really thought my only option was to buy a new camera. From what I'd read I believed that I needed a new camera that had super-extra-great macro abilities but Eric tried to convince me that what I really needed were a lense or two for our Nikon. He found the lenses he felt we needed and purchased them. I have to admit I am camera-challenged and now he's made it even harder for me to get a good pic because I have to learn how to use these add-ons to our camera.

I think after playing with the camera and lenses for a few weeks now I'm getting the hang of it and I'm finding I can get great up-close pics.  I love attention to detail and I feel it's one of my strengths. Now that I can actually photograph these little tidbits, I'm happy.

This is my layered windmill. This is made with my flavorite of papers, Springtime Vintage DSP.  Such beautiful paper and so versatile.Really this is a simple card, made with few papers, one simple sentiment stamp and some pearls. I love the look, hope you do too!
Thanks for stopping by and happy stamping!

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