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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birthday Card with Attached Bookmark made with Paisley Petals

In all the years I've been crafting, which has been since I was like 2 or something, I have never faced total creative block like I have these past few weeks.  I don't know if my creative block was from a combination of stress, health issues, dental issues and a broken laptop but between all of these things I've been sort of useless.
Eric's birthday is April 2nd and our daughter Ellie's birthday is April 3rd. Every year the pressure is on to make cards for the beginning of April but this year I had no ideas.... I'm still struggling to finish a card for my daughter. I know, I'm horrible.   She had a great birthday. She said it was one of her best but I know she's still waiting for that card.

Before my block totally set in I had started a card for Eric that is made with Paisley Petals. It's basically a board card except for the left side which actually folds over with a perforated edge. When torn at the perforation, Eric has a bookmark he can use when school starts again. I had hoped it wasn't "too" girly but I liked the way it turned out. This actually gave me a chance to use the perforating blade on my new tabletop paper cutter. I totally love that it uses rotary blades and that I can change them out for different styles of cutting to include the perforations, scoring etc...

Anyhow here is the card and bookmark made for Eric.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you'll come back! Happy Stamping!!


  1. Hiya Peg!
    I haven't stopped by forever -- lost all my contacts when my PC had to be formatted.
    Beautiful card! Love all the bling.
    ~ rubber hugs, inky wishes ~

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