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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Drunkards Path Quilt Influenced Trinket Box

Still trying to come up with another card for Eric I thought I'd make him a little box to take to work, ya know for paperclips etc...

I had been aching to make another quilt influenced card top but this time I wanted to try one of my favorites, the Drunkards Path.  Quilters know that this isn't the easiest of blocks because of all the curves. It proves to be a little easier for card making but without any patterns or templates I had to kind of figure out how big of a circular bite to take out of the square block to achieve the look. Drunkards Path blocks have only 2 pieces. Basically a positive and negative...the square and the roundish bite taken out of it. So many things influence the look you'll get with these two pieces. Usually the use of light and dark fabrics plays a major role but then there is also coordinating the placement of the roundish bites to create a chainlike effect. 

I love the Drunkards Path because it is limitless. The Drunkards Path blocks on this card were made with 1" squares and using a 1" round punch to take the circular bite.  This is the first of many you will see on my blog. I plan to try as many different prints as I can to show the versatility of this great pattern.

I'll apologize now for the slightly off-round center. This being the first I'm still experimenting setting the squares. I loved the card but wish I had taken more care with the center pieces so the circle were more perfect in shape. Oh well... next time!

Hope you enjoy the Drunkards Path and will be inspired to take one on yourself. If you do, I'd love to see it!

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  1. Very pretty and does look like a quilt pattern.

  2. Cards are nice and creative,,

  3. This looks great, thanks for the idea!
    I found you on SC and have added myself as a follower, hoping you'll do the same for me!

  4. You are most creative...I found your blog through SC

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