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Monday, July 12, 2010

Tilda Tiptoeing Through The Tulips

Good morning everyone!!
Hope this finds everyone doing well and enjoying yet another beautiful day in rainy, muggy and hot central Ohio....  I'm not going to complain about the weather because I'm feeling about 100 times better today than I was feeling a week ago. Don't know what hit me but I was sicker than a dog during the week of the 4th and that really made for a miserable holiday weekend. I felt bad that I couldn't get out and see the parade, fireworks or even cook a 4th of July meal for the family but luckily they're all understanding and just encouraged me to rest! Thanks guys, you're the best!!

Now that I'm feeling better I have been working on some cards and trying to learn some new things. I love working with my Cricut Expression but I'm really loving the new line of cartridges they've distributed exclusively through Walmart called "Cricut Lite." The cartridges are fun and have a lot of fun projects on them. 

This week I combined a new stamp that I'd received of Tilda holding tulips with a tulip shaped card from the Cricut Lite cartridge called "Bloom."  They're both fun and I enjoyed trying to make an easel card from the tulip shaped card. I thought it came out ok but after getting it together I look back and wish I had made her clothing with different colors than I did. The blue and yellow together remind me too much of Michigan colors... eep.... being an OSU fan, putting blue and yellow together gives me the eebie-jeebies.

I've also had some fun this weekend making some purses via the Cricut. I purchased some designs of small summer purses that are cut on the Cricut and assembled with glue. The designs are digital and were purchased from and were so reasonable. Just a lot of fun to assemble.  I think I'll make more later in Christmas colors. They'll be great when it comes time to pass out gift cards...

Well I'm off again to work on laundry and in between loads I can take some time to color even more great Magnolia stamps. This afternoon I'm working on stamps that'll be included on an exploding box for Ellie. I'll post pics when it's all done!

Have a great day

Tilda with Tulips on Tulip Shaped Card - Card base - Cricut Lite Bloom Cartridge

Summertime Purses - Really fun to make.


  1. Very cute the colors you used on your Tilda. The purses you
    made are really cute too.

  2. Hi Peg!
    You have made some beautiful things. I love the idea of a Tulip shaped Easel card. Beautifully made. Tilda is colored so well. Love the color of her hair and that blue is one of my favorite colors.
    The hand bags are gorgeous. I don't own a cricut so won't be trying them out.
    Hugs Marion

  3. darling! I love your little Tulip Tilda card!! Such beautiful soft colors...and your DPs are perfect! Your little purses are adorable too! You've been busy, busy, busy! Pat Frank

  4. Hi Peg, you're really making up for lost time! Glad to hear you're feeling much better. Your little tulip card is adorable and I for one don't have a problem with the blue and yellow! Somme of my favorite cards are blue and yellow. The purse shapes are adorable. What a cute idea to fill them with goodies and give them as gifts!

  5. Oh wow! Those are GREAT! And your Tulip Tilda is fantastic...I love that blue!

  6. I love your Tulip Tilda on the tulip shaped card! Very clever idea. Great job on your coloring.
    Kathy Gerace

  7. I too love that shaped Tulip card & absolutely adore those little purses .... Never tried those files. How do you cut them out ?
    I also see you've lost your background too ... Mine was gone this morning & in it's place is a little 2x2 white box that I see you also have in the middle of your blog that says this image has been deleted ... I had to go find a new background to put on my blog & now the white box is gone.
    Hugz, Janie


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