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Monday, July 26, 2010

Stickpins/Hatpins for Embellishing Cards

Since I started making cards I have always loved going through the blogs of the members of the Yahoo Groups I belong to. It's amazing to see how each embellish their cards and how creative people can be and just how beautiful some of the cards are.
The "die-hard" cardmakers know where to find all the good stamps, papers, flowers and gems. They are stead-fast in finding just the right embellishment for each and every card they produce and it shows, you can really tell who takes the time to find the most beautiful accents.

One thing I noticed right-off were the stickpins that would be used to embellish the floral or accent areas of the cards. The stickpins are so pretty and simple, but just enough sparkle or glitz that they add to the beauty of the embellishment without taking away from the artistry used in the stamped image or the production of the actual card.

I tried finding these stickpins in local shops and on the web. I fancy myself at being really good at finding everything and anything on the web but these pins were stumping me. I could find beautiful pins but a lot were vintage and were too expensive to put on a card that I was sending away, they were pieces I would want to collect and keep to admire.  This in mind I did what I've always done and started making them.  

I wanted to make pins that I could add to my simple cards. I wanted them to add a hint of sparkle here or there and add to the look of my card without being too over stated. I found that by using crystals, semi-precious stones and charms. I wondered if others might be looking for pins as well and took my chance by listing some on ebay. Sure enough they sold and soon some others will be enjoying my creations.

I have decided to try selling them in quantity to some local shops. Maybe if I keep the cost down and if the shops can get them at a reasonable price, people will be more apt to buy them. I posted a notice on a couple of my Yahoo boards offering pins to members in exchange for pictures of the cards they used them on. I plan to use the pictures of the cards to show shop owners the many ways the pins could be used and maybe gather some interest in carrying them. Hopefully the first of the sample pins will go out in the next day or so and I'll start getting some pictures back soon.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my posts and agreed to provide pics of your paper art. The pics below are of the pins that sold recently on ebay.

Thanks again to everyone for their encouragement and support!


  1. Hi Peg ~ Very nice pins!!! I responded to your email... can't wait to play with them!
    Love and hugs ~

  2. These are gorgeous. Please let me know when and where you're selling them. I'm definitely interested.
    Sue S.

  3. WOW Peggy, they are marvelous!!
    I want to get them for my card!!!!!!!!
    I'll send you an email!

  4. Your pins are awesome!! I'm also interested where I can get them!

  5. Oh Peg...These are so beautiful....I love these....I'm also interested in them...I started stamping..What better way to add a touch of femininity,class, sweet, cute to any card...I put stick pins on my scrapbook pages and they sure can make a difference....Have a blessful day...

    Camille from KS

  6. These are gorgeous. On what size pin are you making them? Thank you for sharing. They are just wonderful.

  7. Hi Peg - these are gorgeous - I have such a hard time finding something beautiful yet affordable. Would love to try some of these out. I will email you if you haven't already had 20 requests.
    Deb xoxo

  8. beautiful job..I love the white pearl looking on...

  9. Wow, Peg! These are gorgeous!



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