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Monday, July 12, 2010

Tiny Lil Tilda's - Havin' Fun with Shrinky Dinks.... again.....

When I was younger I found it fun to make things with "Shrinky Dinks."  Funny how things could start out being six or so inches tall then go into an oven and come out about 1/2" tall....

Tonight after reading an article that described how to created a charm bracelet using Tilda stamps and Shrinky Dink plastic I decided to give it a try again... I had some time on my hands and curiosity was going to get the better of me...

The package of Shrinky Dinks I had purchased at Michaels awhile back ended up being a variety pack that included some frosty, rough sheets so I stamped some images on those and got out the Copics. Needless to say you can't really do any detail work on the Shrinky Dink images... pretty straight forward... you can make brown hair... brown and a pink dress.. pink but they came out kinda cute so what the heck.... instead of using the oven I used the heat gun and started shrinking all the Tildas. I freaked out at first because I didn't remember that the plastic shrinks all up, shrivels and gets curly, making it appear that your project is going south but after sticking it out they straightened up and flatened out and I'll be darned.... they looked just like they did when I started heating them up... just smaller... they're so cute... just miniature little Tilda's all colorful and ready for a new home on a bracelet. Tomorrow I'm going get them ready to be added to a charm bracelet for Ellie. I think she'll love having all those lil Tilda's with her all the time.
If ya get a hankerin to try something fun and different, try Shrinky Dinks... they're just so adorable.
Check out the pics!


  1. How cute! Teenie-tinies, they're adorable. I can see why you're having fun. It's always fun to cook up a new recipe!
    Sue S.

  2. How cute are these Teeny tiny Tilda's Your daughter will love the bracelet. Going to have to try this one of these days.

  3. Cute. I made a bracelet with the shrinky dink plastic too, but with other stamps. I really wanted to try it with Tilda too. Thanks for the inspirations!

  4. Oh too cute.
    Your daughter will love this bracelet. Looking forward to seeing it put together.
    Hugs Marion

  5. Oh my gosh those Tilda's are just way too daughter would just love them too..think I will have to make some. Cheers, Lora Sinkler-Lake

  6. Sweet mini-Tildas! I am inspired to find some shrink plastic and make some of my own!
    Hugs to you,

  7. This is adorable now you gave me a great idea for charms for my cards thank you so much.

  8. Awesome! I'm so glad you shared this with us! I had also purchased that set of shrinky dinks at Michaels and have been wanting to try them with Tilda! Thank you so much for showing us how these turned out! I can't wait to make mine now! :)

  9. Shrinky Dinks are a great idea. I bought some of that stuff years ago. I am going to have to dig it out as I think that is a terrific idea. Also, thanks for the info on I am going to check them out. Sounds like a good software. I will have to wait so I can load it onto my laptop to use on my Cricut Expression. Did you find it hard to setup?


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