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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today was an absolutely beautiful day in central Ohio. Today we had the type of weather I wish we could have every single day.. not too hot, not too cool, sun shining, light breeze and low humidity... I know... sounds like San Diego right? If I love the weather so muchy why don't I move to San Diego? Then I couldn't complain about the weather 11 months out of every year...

Ellie and I got spent the day together working on a few cards. Today I taught her to use sketches so she could put cards together in a way that's pleasing to the eye. We used sketches from Mojo Monday, you can see their sketches at

Ellie and I were each successful at creating 1 card today so it was a banner day overall. I chose to use reds today... I dont know why because red just isn't my color. I love red to wear but I never use red in anything creative. I rarely used reds in cross stitch, quilting or in papercrafts. I dont know why, its just one of those colors I tend to avoid. I was happy with the outcome of my Peachy Tilda (done in red) and decided it would be come a birthday card for a friend.
What do you think?

The 2nd picture actually shows the hatpin I created for the card., I like the pins but have a hard time finding some that I like enough to buy so I'm making my own. I like them and the price is right! :)

Ellie is really excited today because I told her if she'd learn to use her sketches and complete her card today, I'd publish it on the blog. That alone was motivation for her.
She likes color and she uses a lot of them. For a 10 year old she's pretty good about using coordinating colors Ellie also loved her pin but she tried to dis-assemble it so she could see how I made it. I imagine tomorrow she'll ask to make her own.

I need to make a sympathy card for a man. That's always a hard one. It doesn't feel right using flowers but there just aren't a lot of choices I guess. Maybe I'll use some Edwins from Magnolia and just make sure the sentiment isn't too mushy.

Well, there are still daylight hours left and that means we can make more cards. Better get crackin! Have a great night!


  1. She has a real eye for design. This is great and she's only going to get better. Love this card.

  2. Peg, you and your daughter have created two beautiful creations. Warning -- Guard those

  3. These are two gorgeous cards! You would never know that Ellie was only 10!


  4. I am super impressed with Ellie's easel card. I have yet to brave one of those. She did a wonderful job!

    Love your card too.. the hat pin really made it! great job with those.


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