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Friday, February 4, 2011

How Would You Be Affected If Your Computer Crashed?

Today I want to share a website with you. If your home computer is an essential part of your personal and/or professional life then Backblaze should be as important.

Do you run and maintain a back-up of your home computer?  If not, why not?  If not, do you ever think about how you'd navigate through your life if you woke up one day and the "vault" of info needed to support you and your family were unavailable?

Do you go to bed every night thinking about what you'll create the next day? When you wake up every day, is your mind already on overload about the paper or fabric you'll fold, cut, stitch, tape, glue and photograph?  Before you make that first cut do you scour the internet about new products on the market or new techniques that would assist in turning an ordinary piece of fabric or paper into  a work of art?

Have you ever paused to ponder what if you got up and went about your normal routine but the computer screen remained dark when you tried to start it up. How would this affect you? How would you read the mail that floods your in-box every day? How would you check the status of your latest internet shopping spree? How would you view the pictures of your kids or the pictures you've taken of your latest project? How would you pay your bills if you couldn't check your checking account balance or write an electronic check? How would you get a phone number so you could call and make a hair appointment?

I think a lot of us take all of these things for granted. We get up and do what we've always done, kind of automagically... the daily routine now includes use of the computer and without it we are somewhat crippled.

This happened to me two weeks ago. My hard drive crashed and all at once my pictures, my contacts, my card designs, my Cricut Designs, my MDS, access to Stampin' Up! to do my business was gone. You feel really blank and scared in thinking that you don't even know what all you've lost because you've stored so much stuff...
Luckily for me, my husband had the foresight to use a back-up service called "Backblaze."  Multple times daily Backblaze runs a back-up on my hard drive. All of that data that is so valuable to me is stored in a secure off-site vault and available to me any time I need it. Last week after my drive was rebuilt I needed it and I am SO grateful for this valuable service.

Rarely will I endorse a service, but Backblaze really saved my personal data and my professional life.  For $5 a month (per computer) ALL of my data is backed up and I never have to worry about losing one bit of it. If you dont back-up your computer, today is a good day to start. Its as easy as signing up, after that your back-up takes off and your mind is at ease....  This is one time in my life when I didnt have to learn the hard way, I didnt have to lose everything to find out I needed to save everything in more than one place.

There are a lot of services out there but we've done the research and I know from first hand perspective that Backblaze does the job and the back-up you need to recover your data WILL be available! It's been proven to be of incredible value in my world!
Start Here to Back-up Your Data with Backblaze

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