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Monday, September 27, 2010

Adventures in Papermaking!

As always I've been on a quest for beautiful paper or stock for cardmaking and yeah, sometimes I find some pretty paper but its hard to find a lot of coordinating Victorian style papers with the soft, beautiful florals and lace. Its just not out there.

I love paper almost as much as I love fabric.  When I go into the sewing room and start looking through my fabric, I find some of the most beautiful prints. I always wish I could find those beautiful prints on paper.
Just seems that those of us who love those prints aren't as plentiful as those that love the more modern prints or those that are "theme based." Like the papers and stock used in scrapbooking.

The other day it hit me, like most things do, kind of out of no where.... why can't I make those prints myself? No, I have NO idea how to actually make printed paper like you'd use for cards or scrapping but then in thinking about "digital scrapbooking" it seemed pretty clear that somewhere a printer had to come into play. Hey on top of that,  I worked for the government for YEARS managing MILLIONS of digital images. Now, they weren't Victorian flowers or ribbons and lace but a digital image is a digital image.  Pixels, spots, dots etc... How much different could the manipulation of those spots, dots and etc be anyhow?

 I have no idea how to use any of those  great  programs like PhotoShop or Gimp etc... but I do have fabric and I do have a scanner and a printer.  I'm not that good at using either of those either but that'll come with practice I'm sure. One thing I am good with is a computer and a mouse and with as much beautiful fabric as I've stashed away in my quilting years, why can't "I" have all the beautiful paper I desire? The only limit to my supply has been the limitations to my imagination!

I got out some of my most cherished prints, ya know, the ones you buy in yards and yards to make that one, heirloom quilt. But then you love that fabric SO much you can never force yourself to run the scissors through it. Finally, I heated up the trusty Rowenta... after pressing for a little while I started scanning.

As with any project I dream up, I had some issues but most were due to my own ignorance in adjusting the scanner and then the printer but eventually I came up with some quality cardstock that I find I'm proud to use in my cardmaking.  Now, new problem.... I can't quit.... I'm a crazy woman on a mission and I am on the  perverbial roll. I cannot stop my ADD-OCD self from scanning and printing this wonderful fabric!

I've been burning up the printer making my own coordinating paper and stock. It is a brilliant idea.  Why don't the same people who make all this great fabric also sign themselves up to make stock and paper? Don't they realize there is a big market for this and they're completely missing the mark?  Someone needs ME on their PR team. I have so many ideas bouncing around in my nugget and no one to bounce them off of.

I share my ideas with Eric but he usually gets scared. When I say "oh I have an idea" he curls up into the fetal position and his face looks horrifed as he starts to cry. For some reason it appears that my ideas bring about fear in most normally sane human beings because I have do have some hairbrained ideas sometimes and I really do think WAY outside the box.... well I do think outside the box because I refuse to believe that there really is a box... I dont see anything wrong with that...I dont know why they're afraid... hmmmm... I'll ponder on that awhile.

In the meantime, see if you don't agree that these papers come out great and especially the batiks... I LOVE the batiks!!  I'm not even 10% trough my stash but I'll get there.... eventually....


  1. Start to cry??? Oh come on. Give me a LITTLE credit. Curled up in the fetal position is spot-on, however. :-)

  2. Melissa Frances has some lovely vintage looking papers and you can try Joanna Sheen for CD's of gorgeous papers and accoutrements. The smaller, independent sellers seem more likely to have the pretty papers than do places like Michael's and AC Moore.


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